Step 6. On Back side of wreath attach three pieces of ribbon evenly spaced around the wreath and hang securely from a hook attached to the ceiling or suspend from and chandelier. 

III. Tableware

Our tablescape tutorial is divided into three parts.

II. Table Botanicals

Step 4. Cut 6 long pieces of Bells of Ireland approximately 12″- 16″ each and prepare by wiring and taping each piece as shown below

Step 2. Next place wreath on flat surface with backside facing you and distribute the bunches of seeded eucalyptus evenly as shown.  Secure each piece on with wireType your paragraph here.

Part I

Hanging Wreath

 Materials needed​​​

  • A  grapevine door wreath frame with or without flowers – I used a premade wreath with silk  cream flowers
  • Floral wire -22 gauge
  • Scissors
  • Floral tape
  • Fresh, dried or silk flowers in soft shades of green, creams and pinks
  • Fresh or silk Bells of Ireland and Seeded Eucalyptus

Step 1. Cut Seeded Eucalyptus in 10″-12″ pieces. Tape eight bunches of 5 - 6 stems together with floral tape. Keep bottom ends even to create a natural look on the bunches with height variation as shown.

​​Here’s a twist on your traditional St Patrick’s Day Tablescape. To create our look we blended subtle shades of green using Seeded Eucalyptus and Bells of Ireland botanicals, small glitter shamrocks and a simple pale green banded dinner plate. Pink flowers created a soft romantic feel and our gold tableware and napkins provided a contemporary vibe. We paired our tableware and botanicals with a rustic bare table to soften the gold and maintain a natural aesthetic 

I. Hanging Floral Wreath.

Step 5. Secure each piece on with wire, space out evenly, alternating long and short pieces an attach with wire along edges of wreath.

Step 3. Carefully turn wreath over (Seeded Eucalyptus will be on the bottom) and insert flowers in bunches of 2-3 stems, secure with wire

Things To Create 

candyland party on a budget 

romantic St. Patrick's day Tablescape Tutorial

​Mother's day tablescape Tutorial

Get step by step details on how to create this bright and modern tablescape that  features beautiful pink  Kate Spade napkins and yellow rimmed salad plates. A coordinating printable set was created to compliment the fresh style of the Kate Spade accessories.  A perfect look for your Mother’s Day celebration! To see more click here

Get free printables and a full detailed tutorial to create this adorable and easy Easter dessert tablescape. Click here to download tutorial 

Easter Pintables and Tablescape Tutorial


Get step by step directions to make these adorable little fingers and toes.  Also Included is a free toe tag prinatble sheet, just print and cut!
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For parents today, entertaining our children has become an expensive job and when it comes to Birthday parties...well, we all know how big and over the top those events can get!  I'd like to think that it's totally possible to have a fun party for our kids without breaking the bank. Unfortunately when you have tmore than one child the thought of spending several hundreds of dollars on each of these events can be very daunting. I know most moms still want to have a fun celebration for their children, however the majority of events we see in magazines, social media and the internet are not parties most people can really afford. 

Therefore I  challenged myself to create a fun themed Candyland birthday party that is just under $10 per guest and this includes a cute tablescape, a gorgeous (DIY) Candyland cake, candy party favors, cotton candy cones  and a lunch as well!

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