Add fun elements 

​Straws or stirrers dipped in chocolate, marshmallows and peppermint are adorable and can be found locally or online. Over-sized mugs and a vintage pitcher also add interest to your table. Please use caution in using metal pitchers with young children as they will radiate heat throughout the entire Pot  

​Don't forget  a cute sign

And you're all set! Just in case you need one Click here to download.

Just download, print and cut

Holiday tips advent calendar

​​Here's how it works...everyday leading up to Christmas click on the door with the current date to reveal fun holiday tips, recipes, free printables and great ideas for your Christmas party planning! You can always go back and click on previous dates as well. 

New year's Eve Countdown

​​​Here's a fun NYE Tasting party game. Starting at 8pm through Midnight enjoy a different beverage, it could be all wines, maybe wines leading up Champagnes or a full Champagne tasting. Serve each of these different beverages with a great appetizer each hour it's a great way to bring on the New Year with friends and family!  To get your printable download just go to the ETSY shop and download and print from your own home computer!  

Use a Good Chocolate

If at all possible forgo the powdered mixes. One of my favorite drinking chocolates is Ibarra;  It's a Mexican chocolate that's earthy and mellow and can be fpund in most grocery stores or online. Using milk instead of water also makes your chocolate more decadent! 

1 - 2 - 3 Valentine's Day hot Chocolate bar

​​​It's still bitterly cold outside, but the thought of a decadent Hot Chocolate Bar really warms me right up! Every week  leading up to Valentine's Day, we'll have a special treat for you!