No Flowers, No Worries! 

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day 9 

We all know flowers make a great statement, but are not always a practical choice. When entertaining space is limited or you just have an informal gathering using food options as a focal point on your table replaces the need for a traditional centerpiece. For this centerpiece I placed a fun glitzy wreath flat on my table and placed a marble and wood cake stand in the center, however any cake stand would be fine! I then placed a simple Burrata cheese in the center drizzled with olive and a sprinkle of sea salt and placed some soft warm oven baked flatbread around the cheese! I always have some extra cheese and bread on reserve to replace it as needed. A few pieces of holly or some festive little baubles make this dish the perfect Christmas centerpiece! This dish will never disappoint and trust me; your guest will not miss the floral centerpiece when they see the delicacies on display center stage.

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