day 20

Set Your Table Early

​​​Holiday Tips Advent Calendar  

OMGosh it’s the morning of the 20th and I’m feeling both excited and overwhelmed. I have so much left to do. I still have to finalize menus, go grocery shopping, clean my house, and the one big thing left on my to-do list is plan my Tablescape and set my table! Does this sound familiar? I’m sure I’m not alone with this kind of to-do list! So the best tip I can give you is to do everything you can ahead of time and for me that means setting my table, my buffet,  my bar area anything I can in advance.

 However…my dining room right now is a total disaster! The table is stacked with gifts to wrap, paper, tape, scissors and I’m sure a few items that have gone missing in the past week are buried somewhere on that table! One of the best de-stress tactics I’ve learned over the years is “a clear space creates a clear mind”.  So that’s what I did first, I cleared the table  and once I did that and wrapped all the gifts I was able to start my tablescape. I set everything with the exception of fresh greenery that I will add the night before. I set my plates, glassware, silverware, place cards it’s all done. The Buffet has all my serving dishes and my bar area is also ready to go! Once everything is complete I take a clean sheet and cover it all up so there will be no dust on my tables. Getting something so big off my checklist gave me a great sense of relief!  

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