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​​​Holiday Tips Advent Calendar  

day 18

Some Baking Tips! 

It just so happens that i'm the daughter of a baker! Over the years  I picked up quite a few fun tips. One of the most useful tips my dad taught me was about freezing almost much everything you baked! This is a complete game changer in holiday prep!

For cakes I bake them weeks in advance and put on a crumb coat, cover it securely with plastic wrap (use a few layers of plastic) and freeze overnight. The next day I finish icing and decorating my my cake, then back in the freezer with no wrap for about an hour or until the frosting or icing is firm enough where you can wrap it without ruining your frosting. Your cake can now be frozen for several weeks! The day of your event take the cake out 1 to 3 hours before serving. Once your cake has defrosted it will be as moist as the first day you baked it. tThe defrosting process actually reconstitutes your baked goods to perfection, they will not be soggy or dried out!  Note that larger cakes over 10 inches or cakes with several layers may take a little longer to defrost. 

I like to set my dessert table before guest arrive so I don't have to worry about it while entertaining, and when you have frozen desserts it works perfectly. Your desserts will be just right and at room temperature after a few hours. I've done this with cakes, cookies, cupcakes even cheese cakes and pies!

Freezing cupcakes and cakes also makes transporting them a breeze, you will never have to worry about ruining the pretty frosting when you are traveling with desserts that are completely frozen.