Meet Me Under The Mistletoe

The truth about  mistletoe is that it's really just a parasitic plant found deep in forest and the berries are not red but white. Red berries just look more Christmassy, therefore changing the color in drawings has become very common! So how did mistletoe become this symbol of romance during Christmas? No one knows for Sure. There are several different folklore claiming to be the "real" origins, including one from the ancient Greek, the Romans, the Celtic Druids and the Norse to name a few! While these stories all differ quite a bit they all have one thing in common; that stealing a kiss under the Mistletoe is a good thing! Some actually believed that it would bring bad luck to refuse a kiss under the mistletoe and some folklore claim that after the kiss, the couple plucks one of the berries from the plant and when the berries are all gone the power to command kisses also fades. So if you hang mistletoe this year, make sure it has plenty of berries! 

So for your Kissing corner this year we have this cute print from our Etsy shop just for you. Click below to download it, then Print it, frame it and place it near the entrance of a room for your guest to steal a kiss and  share the romance of Christmas! 

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