When we start planning holiday events we typically work on menus and ideas for beautiful tables and fun events. Often times the fact that small children will also be in attendance is dismissed with providing toys, videos , coloring books, crayons and other things to keep them busy. I always try to keep in mind that parents may also feel a little anxiety with bringing their children someones home, especially mine, which is about as "non" childproof as it gets! Typically there are lit candles everywhere, an open tread staircase going up and one down to the basement and the best is the horizontal railing just prime for an adventurous little one to climb up and over, oh did I mention my house sits  is on a creek with no fence! And just in case you're wondering...I do love kids, really i do, mine are just all grown up!  

It’s easy (and judgmental) to say parents should just watch their kids all the time, but that’s not always 100% possible, besides if parents feel like they have to work even harder in bring children along , then really what’s the point in an evening out with kids? Therefore, as a good host it’s part of your responsibility to keep them entertained by involving them into the evening as much as possible. As the evening progresses there may be the need for a movie or books, however, that should be their choice not yours! My goal is always to integrate the children into the event of the day, not segregate them. Come up with some fun ideas to incorporate into the meal without taking away from the adult time that the parents were probably looking forward to as well!

 So embrace the company of the little ones at your dinner table, it may not be obvious to them or you at that precise moment, but a few special touches can go a long way in their world.

Here are a few fun facts to get kids involved with actual food, try serving some of these with small cards placed near each item with these fun facts!  - 

Wassail Was the Inspiration for Christmas Caroling

  • This hot mulled cider, during the middle ages involved peasants going to the home of the feudal lords and receiving wassail and food in return for a blessing. 

Fruitcake Was Intended to Last a Year

  • They were originally intended to be baked at the end of the harvest season and saved to be eaten at the beginning of the harvest season the following year, for good luck. 

Animal Crackers Were Originally a Christmas Treat

  • Animal crackers were first introduced around Christmastime in 1902. The string on the box was originally intended to be used to hang the boxes on Christmas trees. Placing a small box as a party favor at each place setting would be a fun icebreaker!

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Animal Crackers 

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