day 12

Setting a holiday table can be intimidating, However here are some tips to ease the stress of creating a beautiful place setting!

Rules- remember the old adage “rules are meant to be broken”? There is only rule you need to follow when it comes to setting a table and that is that you must have plates, utensils, glassware and a napkin!

Plates- Use only what you need, if you’re not serving soup them don’t have a soup plate, you don’t have to use every piece of a “set” that also applies to your silverware.

Placemats and Charger- both are more aesthetic than functional, if you have them use them but they are totally not necessary.

Linen- Mostly optional.  I’ve seen formal tables look gorgeous without linen and I’ve seen casual tables look great with linen.

  • Tip-   if you’re using a card table, cover it up! If you have a beautiful expensive wood or glass table, cover it up!

Napkins- Really, there is no need to make little duckies out of them!  Personally I’m a napkin purist, I want a simple flat fold, but if poofing them up in a wine glass appeals to you go for it. For more formal events I always use cloth napkins as paper make not be sturdy enough to make it through long dinners.

Mixing China patterns - I know this look is very appealing, especially in magazines and sites where you have professional stylist who work with huge budgets! Having unlimited resources makes finding the perfect coordinating patterns that complement each other  relatively easy. However in real life it’s much harder than it looks to put together an attractive table when every place setting is different.

  • Tip-   If you don’t want  a cookie cutter tablescape  using a “set” of dishes, try using dishes with different  textures in the same color family and maybe one dish with a pattern or different color. And Instead of trying to create 10 different looks use the same design at each place setting. You’ll get a look that has character yet feels cohesive.


Place Cards- Simply put; People love seeing their name!  It really is a nice touch and more importantly there is no awkwardness when it comes to sitting, your guests know exactly where they should sit!

Tis the Season of giving! - I always have a little favor at each place setting for the holidays. Sometimes it’s a party cracker or just a small box usually filled with a small decadent chocolate from my favorite Chocolatier.

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