Candied Peppermint Eggnog 

​Holiday Tips Advent Calendar  

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I say YES to Eggnog!! With just a few tweaks this wonderful traditional drink  makes it to the top of my holiday beverages! So why not make it look festive  like it belongs at a Christmas party? Here's a quick and easy tip to make your traditional eggnog recipe stand out from all the while adding a little pizzaz to your flavor as well! 

I like serving my eggnog is smaller shot glasses. People tend to prefer heavier, calorie dense drinks in smaller sizes.  Shot glasses also provide the perfect shape to drop in a small candy cane or my favorite White Chocolate and Peppermint stirrers. The stirrers or small candy canes can be inserted in each glass prior to pouring in your eggnog, these make an adorable presentation while awaiting your eggnog. The real delight happens after you pour in your eggnog and the peppermint candy creates beautiful swirls of pink and red! 

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