day 4 

Holiday Tips Advent Calendar  

Do What You Do Best 


With the stress of holiday planning and prep upon us and a shortage of days! It might just be easier if we didn't try to reinvent the wheel, at least this month and stick to what we do best~   

Here's a true story late October I started planning for my annual Holiday Dessert workshop, by far the best attended class I host. I wanted this one to be different maybe a little more "rustic and earthy" and believe it or not I had a bout of non-inspiration! This typically doesn’t happen to me, since i was convinced that I had mastered all tactics on finding and recognizing opportunities for inspiration. As it turns out I broke every rule I’ve ever preached about creating sucsessful events. My first mistake was going shopping without a clue as to what I wanted to do, I had absolutely no theme, not even colors in mind; as a result I spent tons of money on a lot of things;  like little rustic bolts of twine, horrible fake greenery, lots of paper and some chalkboard tags amongst other things. I came home totally unsatisfied and put together a few tablescapes using my purchases, took photographs then reviewed them and I felt nothing, it all looked so meh! I was feeling frustrated, and thought to myself  'am I losing my touch', why couldn’t I do this? Seriously, with all the tablescapes I’ve done, especially for holidays, this should’ve been a cakewalk (pun intended). All I wanted was to do something new and different…and there my friend is where I made my first mistake! I was honestly trying to go against my grain. I know that sounds odd, however, we all have our own sense of style and when you try to veer from that you tend to start emulating a look that may not come naturally to you, and the result is a creative block. Yes, that’s a condition, although WebMD doesn’t recognize it just yet! So I started again from scratch, I forgot about my purchases (hubby will never know) and used my own style with a new theme. The result was a very "Alice Christmas" table with a different theme! Now that’s not a bad thing, just think of artist, designers and musicians, the good ones can always be recognized by their look and sound, they just get better with each new piece of work. So there you have it, don’t worry that you’ll be seen as doing the same thing over and over, just shake things up a little, find a new piece or or color scheme to incorporate into your designs, but always stay true to your style and I promise you’ll find your grove!

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