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                                    A Simple "Holidaze" Plan

It's Dec 1st! I anticipate Christmas just like a six year old; the excitement is overwhelming. It’s like waiting for that first snow, so beautiful when it starts then slowly watching it becoming a slushy mess!
December quickly turns into this crazed whirlwind, where we all start to over commit early in the month. I just realized that it’s only Dec 1st and I already have 6 days “penciled” in this month with an office party, lunch with a friend, brunch with a friend, a cookie exchange, A Friendsmas Party and an Ugly Sweater party. All this in addition to my events I traditionally host every year.
 So how do I “the planner” handle and juggle the demands of this fabulous season and still manage to do it all? It’s simple; I do it in a very methodical manner. You see, I have this 20 tab Excel holiday Spreadsheet that lists all events I'm hosting or planning to attend. One tab will list everything I need to do for each of these events by day; another tab will lists the shopping I need to do for each event by day...Okay I’m just KIDDING! No, I do not have a Holiday spreadsheet. Honestly creating and maintaining a spreadsheet like this would require me to quite my daytime job! But, I’m sure if you search the web you’ll find one.
 Here’s what I really do, I’ve made a promise to myself and to my family that between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I will try to keep social commitments outside of my immediate and extended family very limited over the weekends.  I also try to keep work commitments over the holidays confined to lunch events as much as possible. This isn’t the answer to relieving all the stress that the holidays can bring upon you, but you’ll be amazed at how much relief you can get by following this simple plan. I can look forward to having weekday evenings and weekends open for whatever it is I need to do….a family event, decorating, shopping, baking, or just relaxing and watching Elf twice back to back!
 Explaining to co-workers and acquaintances that your weekends and evenings are already committed for December isn’t as difficult as it sounds. As a matter of fact, after I politely explained this to people last year, many of them opted to do the same thing this year.
 However, there are some exceptions I make to this rule, and that is taking time out to volunteer for the less fortunate. Participating in toy drives for kids who would otherwise have no gifts Christmas morning, providing food and clothing at a local shelter or just donating time to local charities. These types of commitments have very little to no stress involved. As a matter of fact psychologist claim that doing good deeds release endorphins that actually make you feel better and relieve stress!

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