Holiday - Fun and Sassy

Mother's Day Tablescape

Thanksgiving - Manzanita Branches

Thanksgiving - Organic

Thanksgiving - Pumpkins

​​Thanksgiving - Botanicals

"Tablescaping" ~ The art of designing a table, is truly one of my biggest passions.  Unfortunately the idea of setting a table often evokes a negative or "stuffy" mind set. Especially since a properly set table typically goes hand in hand with all the rigid rules and regulations of  sitting at a table. However, in this day and age a tablescape does not need to be an uncomfortable arrangement nor should it always set a formal tone,(although it can if need be). I like to have fun with my tablescapes, they're not all formal nor are they all set with expensive China. My tables  can usually be replicated rather inexpensively. One of  the core components of building my tablescapes is to incorporate things you already own and try using them in a different context. For example wooden bowls and platters can be used to create pedestals for height or used as vessels for centerpieces. Some of my favorite items to incorporate on my tables is anything inspired by nature and many of these items can be gathered from your own backyards!  I've grouped some of my favorite tablescapes by season and holidays, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Holiday - Fun and Sassy

Thanksgiving - Simply Natural 

Holiday- Wintry Theme

Easter - Tulips & Daffodils 

Lux Faux Fur and Rose Gold

​​​​​Pear Inspired Thanksgiving Tablescape 

Colorful Pumpkins Thanksgiving

Easter- Rustic & Gold 



Planning Workshops 

​​​Romantic St. Patrick's Day  

Girls Mingle & Jingle Soiree

Easter Tablescape  

the art of tablescaping​