The Autumnal Brunch Workshop

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A Fairy and Gnome First Birthday

September 26, 2014

Country Fresh Kitchen Cupboard Shower

  June  2014 

Dessert  Tablescape

Feb 2011

Thanksgiving Tablescape

Nov 2010

Easter  Tablescape

April  2010

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Contemporary  Wedding flowers

Sept  2012

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April  2012

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Psych Grad Party

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4th of July Party 

Halloween Table

Thanksgiving Tablescape

Nov  2013

Kayla's Karnival Birthday

Glamping Photo Shoot

Jan 2014 

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The "Baby Couture" A beautifully curated workshop. Handcrafted party hats, adorned french milk bottles and a lovely party favor at each place setting!.

Sweet Parisian Workshop

"Sweet Givings" Holiday Dessert Bar Workshop

Halloween Party 

A Garden Wedding

July 19th, 2014

Red Black & White Chevron Holiday Party

Dec 2013

Thanksgiving Tablescape

Nov 2011

Easter  Tablescape

April  2012

Baby's First Birthday Primary Colors

May  2012

Autumnal   Tablescape

Oct  2012

Ornament Exchange 

Dec  2012

"Green" Organic Garden Workshop

April  2013

Roller Skating Party 

Baby Bella's Peach Inspired Tea Party

Real Life events and parties

Healthy Back to School Party

Easter Tablescape  

 This nostalgically curated workshop was created to bring a Vintage 1940’s Birthday party to life! The Birthday parties of an era gone by are so magical. The simplicity of decorating with twirled crepe paper streamers, balloons you actually blow up and  paper hats and party horns pristinely placed on the dining room table is a lost art. This was a time when your child’s guest list wasn’t narrowed to a specific gender or limited to a particular group of kids instead the party guest were your siblings, your neighbors and your cousins.  The best part of this celebration was your mom making all your favorite treats for the big day! Styled-It workshops are interactive party planning classes . Workshops are structured where all attendees participate in putting together an event including  the décor, food staging,  creating backdrops, tablescaping and even room transformations! Once the event is completed all attendees are invited to be guest at the finished event.  For this special workshop we invited moms to bring their children to create and stage a realistic vintage Birthday  Party photo-shoot. Our model/moms and their gorgeous children were outfitted in period clothing and hair styles and hair accessories  were beautifully styled  by  Martiza Buelvas  from . Our fabulous photographer Julie Riddle with captured the feel of a birthday party from years ago.  We started this workshop by transforming a modern space into a 1940’s dining room by hanging  vintage fringed window treatments over the drapes, adding an round antique pedestal table outfitted with a pink vintage radio was perfect for our candy and ice cream station.  Old ornate framed art work and the use of lace overlays on the tables took us to a time and place where celebrations were simple and sweet. Our Party décor included attaching assorted color crepe paper streamers from the center of the hanging chandelier to all 4 corners of the table. Multi colored balloons simply hung  from the chandelier created a festive Birthday party ambiance! The party table was set with antique looking plates, embellished paper party hats and horns at each place setting. Chocolate milk was served in square French milk bottles delicately tied with colorful twine.  Vintage toys- kaleidoscopes, sling shots and wooden yo-yo’s were displayed on the party table as well. A traditional round birthday cake accented with icing flowers and sprinkles on the sides was displayed on a gold and pink pedestal at the center of the table. Simply decorated cupcakes were adorned with sprinkles and small paper flowers. Ice cream cones were set on a stand in anticipation of cones to be filled with real strawberry ice cream!The children enjoyed a birthday lunch of hot dogs and potato chips followed by cake and ice cream and a turn at the treat table where they filled their bags with button candy, rock candy, big colorful gumballs and everyone’s favorite circus peanuts!  Party favors we kept simple using a brown paper bags with a doily folded over and attaching a hole punched tag with  each child initials, bags were filled with yo-yo’s, tops and rubber balls!

Vintage 1940's Birthday Party Photo-Shoot

Baby Boy Shower 

April  2012

Baby' first Birthday 

April  2012

Baby Girl Shower 

April  2012

Couples Shower

Aug  2012

Candy Drink Party  

Dec  2012

Floral Design Workshop

Spring Fling Workshop

April  2013



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Baby Couture  Workshop