Como Mami

Prints with a latin inspired vibe!

Cuatro Print - $25.00 plus 8.95 shipping 

Cortadito Print - $25.00 plus 8.95 shipping 

Mofongo Print - $25.00 plus 8.95 shipping 

Tostones Print - $25.00 plus 8.95 shipping 

Como mami is an extension not only of Styled-It, but also of myself, my core, my roots. Inspiration for my work at "Como Mami" (Like Mom) stems from a childhood that was vibrant and rich with memories that revolved around my Mom, AKA "Mami". My mother was a fun spirited woman who never relinquished her heritage. She came to United States from Puerto Rico as a young girl, married and raised 4 children in Chicago. She never returned to live in Puerto Rico and she embraced the American culture yet never forgot her beloved home and taught me and my siblings to love a culture from far way. We never had to choose between our ethnicity and nationality. She taught us to be proud Americans who could also embrace our Hispanic heritage. These designs I've created all revolve around the things that my mother always kept in her heart and shared with us. They are the same things I share with my own children today...a culture that is so immensely rich with music, literature, food and arts, one that I carry in my heart "Como Mami" did. 
I hope you find Items here that allow you to reminisce with your Mami and Hispanic roots!

Cafe Con Leche Print - $25.00 plus 8.95 shipping 

Chicago to PR  Print - $25.00 plus 8.95 shipping 



Planning Workshops 

El Caldero Print - $25.00 plus 8.95 shipping 

La Plena Print - $25.00 plus 8.95 shipping 

All prints are shipped via UPS, 2- 3 day shipping in the US. Shipping fees are $8.95 for the continental US and 10.95 for Puerto Rico and Hawaii. 

All prints measure 8 x 10 inches and come set in a premium white mat measuring 11 x 14.

Coqui Print - $25.00 plus 8.95 shipping 

La Olla Print - $25.00 plus 8.95 shipping